Shot and edited by Myself for Macys

Here’s a little glimpse ✨🎥 to a beautiful Muslim wedding I shot. Thank you to these two💏 for allowing me to capture your special day✨✨🌹 It was such a beautiful day with both the different ceremonies. They had traditional Lebanese dancers with all white/ivory and gold sherwals and percussions where later everyone danced and joined in slowing in a circle and then after had a beautiful Somali traditional ceremony for the Bride where all the female guest wore colorful dira dresses and head scarves and blessed her with 27 scarves 💛❤️.

MOTHERHOOD: Alisa is mother to Leo and I first met him a month ago. I admire her so much because of how her soul touches and feels life around her. I did this film because I wanted to capture something I love and that is Alisa and Leo 💜. Motherhood is something beautiful it allows to accept vulnerability and create love and have love for all and others. I see that in Alisa today and it makes me shine bright when I’m near her. My dear friend I love you so much and I want to thank you for allowing me to shoot these beautiful moments while we played with Leo jumping on the bed, while chasing and running on the sand in the beach. I could not thank you enough for the beautiful soul you are to me and Leo and this universe of ours. Thank you again and Happy Mother’s Day to you✨💜@aliska_victoria333.

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